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Do you drive? So you are required by law to buy car insurance. Do you have a mortgage on your home? If so, you should have homeowner’s insurance. Do you rest? So you must have health insurance. Are you reading insurance reviews from people who are being bribed to say good things about big companies? Yes, that was a trick question. And yes, you have a good chance.

This is your personal story of being offered millions of dollars (bribes) to sell on the ValChoice project. The potential business partner expects ValChoice to stop providing insurance information to consumers in order to receive money. I gave it a chance. Now I want to share this story with you, ValChoice followers.

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Setting the Scene

Almost everyone needs to purchase several types of insurance. In total, some families (self-employed) spend more than 20% on insurance. However, there is no transparency of insurance. How can that be? It’s disgusting.

At ValChoice, we’ve spent years building a powerful search engine. The analytics we provide provide visibility into the performance of the insurance industry. Consumers, like you, should be transparent when ordered to spend your money on insurance.

The main function of our analytics engine is to let consumers know which insurance companies can stand behind them in times of crisis. Unfortunately, not all insurance is created equal. Yes, some companies refuse to pay their bills while others are actually in business to serve their customers. We know the companies that work. We share that information with anyone who wants to know.

Problem One: How to sell insurance exposure

The billions of dollars that insurance companies spend each year on marketing are focused on cost. This is because the big companies believe they can win the price war. After driving small companies in the market, they will have less competition. When there is less competition, they can raise prices and make higher profits.

Dealing with this ad overload is almost impossible to initiate. Therefore, most insurance policies are built on one of these three factors:

  • Use technology to improve efficiency and disrupt the industry with a cost-effective plan.
  • Buy insurance to participate in the benefit programs that insurance companies offer.
  • Show up as an independent accounting center to earn money on the most profitable referral business.

ValChoice is different from all business models. Our first goal is to share real, easy-to-understand reviews with consumers. At ValChoice, our goal is that you are well protected. Being well protected is more than just having insurance. To find out why we believe so strongly in this, read the biography of our founder (me) and why I started this business.

Knowing that many insurance companies rely heavily on affiliate marketing, we thought there might be a way we could use affiliate marketing to share our information. This was easy to pay. We found an affiliate marketing conference and signed up.

End of Meeting

Like most meetings, the energy was high and expectations were high. Experienced people have commented on how insurance is a very profitable market for affiliates. It was seen as a partnership with partners who have the opportunity to get ValChoice’s message in front of the public.

After this meeting I had several follow-up visits to discuss the possibility of working together. Most of my contacts remained silent. I think they realized that there was no opportunity to work with ValChoice. One connection was thoughtful enough to share what the other was thinking, but not say.

Next Story

Below is a recurring story that was both heartbreaking and terrifying.

Best Friend: Xxx Company will pay up to $65 if you give them a lead that stays on the phone with their agent for three minutes.

Me: I can’t find a guide for them. Our data analysis makes Company Xxx worse.

Best Friend: You need to change your system to make Xxx company better. You can make almost $100,000 per month, just from Company Xxx. There are several other companies that will also pay more if you show them that they also provide good service.

Me: I can’t do that. My goal is to help consumers get the facts.

…After a long silence, the person on the other end of the phone answered.

Best Friend: I appreciate your honesty, but I don’t see a chance for us to work together.

ValChoice Will Not Pay Bribery

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This person had tried to bribe me. I tell everyone that we are a direct business. However, they still say that we will give up our money job?

For me, this was like reliving the horrors of insurance companies refusing to pay my medical bills. From my point of view, there needs to be a moral compass in American business that prevents companies from engaging in misleading practices. Sometimes it feels like I’m living in a fantasy world. Yes, it can be a bit of a lonely world.

ValChoice Study

We went through a job with an internet marketing company that would have made us a lot of money. At ValChoice, bribery is not how we change. We have not, and will not, change our system to make more money. Instead, we will maintain our ethical compass and fulfill our mission of helping consumers.

To the Buyer

Don’t believe everything you hear from sales or marketing. Instead, find out who gets paid and how they get paid. Only when you try can you believe. Here is a link to the page on how we get paid.

Also, get a free quote on your auto and home insurance companies. If your insurance company has done well, tell a friend.

If your insurance company is not doing well, change companies. Here is an easy way to find a great insurance company. ValChoice publishes the best insurance companies in each state. Just click the buttons below to find the best companies in your area.

For Insurance Companies

There are many celebrities in the insurance industry. Many may not think that bribery is a way of doing business. However, established marketing strategies are beneficial. They are profitable because they pay high dollar amounts and there is a lot of sales. This combination tends to attract people who like to make money. Being passionate about making money can cause your moral compass to move forward.

Companies need to take action. Do not use paid for sales reviews. Yes, they say good things about your company. However, when reviewers are paid (bribed) their comments are not valid. It’s easy to tell if that’s the case. This is how it is. Consumers are reluctant to review insurance companies. Unless they are crazy. If there are many positive comments, they are paid. The same applies to user research. Don’t use surveys with direct questions. Alternatively, better performance for customers will get better results.

Note: ValChoice receives no compensation from insurance companies for featuring them as the best option for our auto insurance and home insurance rates.