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Have you ever thought about the situation in which people riding a four-wheeler can get injured in an accident. Is there any travel insurance available as such. Let’s find out in this post.

While we often talk about third party or driver/owner insurance, we don’t talk about the occupants of a four-wheeler. However, it is important to understand that many times even passengers can get injured and have accidents. This is why insurers today are offering services to protect the passengers of insured vehicles.

We cannot predict when an accident will happen to us and when it will cause us an accident and how the accident will affect us. Therefore, it is important to be prepared because accidents do not only damage vehicles, they also cause disability or death of the injured person. Therefore, the IRDAI or the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India mandates Personal Accident (PA) cover for the owner-driver so that they can get coverage in case the driver/owner dies in a tragic accident or becomes permanently disabled. In addition, insurance companies also offer driver assistance programs that work for their owners and passengers. Let’s learn about this process and its features in the next post.

What do you mean by Passenger Cover in Car Insurance?

Passenger cover in car insurance is a policy that provides coverage to those who are traveling in a car. There are specific plans available to pay for passengers in car insurance.

However, car insurance policies do not always provide coverage for passengers even if they are traveling in the insured vehicle. Thus, if an accident injures the passenger, it will not pay for their damages or the cost of medical treatment. Furthermore, in extreme cases, passengers may unfortunately die if the accident is too serious, which is also not covered by your car insurance.

Therefore, to cover the passengers or occupants of the car behind the driver, the insurance companies allow to be paid at an additional cost, which is called the passenger cover in the car insurance. Such covers protect the three occupants of the car for assistance and also cover them if they have a permanent disability. Additionally, the cover pays the passenger’s family up to INR 2 lakh if ​​the passenger dies in an accident.

What do you mean by Driver Cover in Car Insurance?

Driver cover in car insurance is nothing but Personal Accident or PA Cover for Owner/Driver. This accident cover provides protection to the driver himself if he is injured due to an accident. Further, it also pays the beneficiary of the policy if the owner’s driver dies in an accident. Disability caused by an accident is also covered by driver PA cover.

What do you mean by Personal Accident Cover for Hired Drivers?

This insurance is designed for commercial drivers who are hired by car owners to drive their cars. So, if you hire someone to drive your car as a paid driver, you can purchase Personal Accident cover for paid drivers to cover them in the event of an injury. This coverage can be purchased at an additional cost to your premium. For this reason, only the driver whose name is mentioned in the policy is protected under the policy and cannot be assigned to any other driver of the vehicle.

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What is Personal Accident Cover for Unidentified Travellers?

Personal Accident cover for unnamed persons is a policy that covers people traveling with you in your insured vehicle. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your passengers. In the event of a serious accident, you will have to pay for the injuries that the passengers suffered. Therefore, it is better to get Personal Accident cover for the unnamed to insure the lives of the people traveling in your car. However, you must not travel with more people than the number legally allowed during an emergency.


Travelers coverage is something you need car insurance policy they don’t give. Passengers sitting in a car are at a higher risk of injury, disability or death in an accident. In such cases, it is the driver-owner’s responsibility to cover the damage. Therefore, it is better to protect the passengers with travel insurance for peace of mind and to allow adequate protection for the passengers.

This way, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle, driver and passengers. However, be aware that if the accident was caused by the consumption of alcohol or other toxic substances, the treatment will not be covered by the insurance.

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