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Five years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, I am lucky. I could have managed to get help.

Many people in America do not have the health care they need, even today. The 2021 American Rescue Plan included resources to make health insurance more affordable than ever, making Health insurance enrollment of over 14.5 million Americans of 2022.

The end of these important, life-saving tasks is at hand. And unless they are reformed, voters will receive news of their 2023 hike before November.

I am a small business owner, and my health insurance has gone through the Affordable Care Act since it was passed. Before the ACA, I had food insurance. There was no better option for small business owners and freelancers. I took my chance, because I had no other choice. And then I got cancer.

It cost me thousands of dollars to save my life, paying for six months of high-energy chemotherapy and a month of radiation therapy that I needed to remove malignant tumors from all over my body. If I had that worthless insurance policy, I would be broke or dead today.

But instead, I can manage to forgive. Because I was diagnosed and treated after I had an ACA health insurance plan, the Affordable Care Act covered my expenses after the deductible was raised. However, surviving cancer is not cheap. I have medical expenses every year, because my care team includes several cancer specialists and long-term survivors. My health insurance is my lifeline.

If I had that worthless insurance policy, I would be broke or dead today.

I didn’t qualify for subsidies in 2017, but I’m thankful that I can afford the high cost of an ACA plan. Most Americans cannot.

Without immediate action from Congress, millions of Americans will face higher premiums, cutting them off from health insurance. DRM’s inaction will rob them of life-saving care – during a global pandemic. Millions of Americans will face life-long medical complications from COVID-19 alone.

Senators are back in their offices, following a two-week recess. While they are setting up their plans for the last days before they arrive on Aug. 5, they should prioritize Obamacare care reform in any upcoming negotiations on the budget reconciliation bill. The deadline for the budget bill is September 30, but the insurance companies are already there prices are on the rise now for next year.

Republicans have been opposed to life-saving approaches to health care, and have been voting against American health care for decades. They will do nothing to repeal the ACA in two ways. So all 50 Senate Democrats and a majority of House Democrats must come together to avert the impending disaster if health insurance subsidies end. President Biden wants to renew the ACA’s subsidies in the American Rescue Plan nowCongress must provide.

American lives are well settled – there is no time to waste. Most of us fear that our health care will be threatened. Going without insurance is not an option when you have a chronic illness or condition, or the possibility of cancer or heart disease or stroke returning.

Please contact your legislators and advocates today to push for affordable health care, starting with reforming ACA coverage in the budget reconciliation bill now. We’ll all be health care voters in November, but action on higher taxes needs to happen now.

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