Phones to dentists: insurers share top 10 tips – Daily News

Mobile phones, glasses and laptops are items that New Zealanders can misplace, damage or lose to thieves, content shared by brand IAG State Insurance NZ reveals.

Rounding out the list of New Zealand’s most talked about items are jewellery, household items, furniture, hearing aids, bicycles, carpets – and dentures.

“Teeth came in at number 10 on the list of things that Kiwis like to want. While most were accidentally damaged or missing, a surprising number were damaged by pets,” State Insurance said. It is best to keep any other extracted teeth away from playful children or curious cats.

Statistics show that an average of 33 mobile phones are lost, damaged, or stolen in New Zealand and are claimed every day. From July 2019 to December 2021, the State received 36,000 telephone complaints, totaling $NZ42 million ($37.96 million) in cost.

Glasses are the second most requested item, with about 29,000 items, followed by laptops at 20,000 items.

EGM Wayne Tippet says State Insurance staff are looking at a variety of factors that have led to repeat claims, including “peacocks roaming the living room or many expensive homes missing”.

The government offers an online calculator, Tally, to help calculate the cost of maintaining content, allowing people to choose from a list of 25 popular categories, change conditions, and add updated content.

Here are the most reported cases, based on IAG’s domestic data from July 2019-December 2021, calculated by the number of complaints:

1. Cell phones

Demand: 35,899

Price: $NZ42 million

“An unreliable backpack may be to blame, with 1521 phones accidentally dropped in toilets over the past two and a half years. At least five phones have been lost in porta-loos, including two at music parties,” State said.

2. Glasses

Demand: 28,957

Cost: $NZ26 million

6220 of the total glass claims were accidentally damaged and another 3895 were lost or lost.

“Don’t see the future, see the future… If only glasses gave us the gift of foresight,” State said.

3. Laptops

Demand: 19,813

Cost: $NZ34 million

Government claims about laptops increased by 18% during the nationwide lockdown in 2020. 845 claims involved a pet.

4. Jewelry

Demand: 17,045

Price: $NZ48 million

Claims in 1868 were due to theft or robbery, and jewelry held the top spot as the most expensive item category.

5. Electronic devices

Demand: 16,032

Cost: $NZ33 million

817 claims were due to emergency or accidental damage, and 432 were due to lightning, meaning that lightning was the cause of the damage.

“Taking time to unplug the device from the wall will help prevent an electrical shock that can be dangerous and waste energy when it’s turned on,” says State.

6. Furniture

Demand: 13,402

Cost: $NZ33 million

964 claims were for lost or misplaced seats.

“For a surprising number of New Zealanders, their seats are gone,” State said.

7. Hearing aids

Claims: 9796

Price: $NZ39 million

In July last year, 9% of all hearing aid sales involved hearing aids. This rose to 24% the following month and 45% by September.

8. Bicycle

Claims: 6665

Price: $NZ15 million

Accidental damage and theft are two reasons why people insure their bike. Theft accounted for 38% of all bicycle claims, and was most common in areas near the university.

9. Carpet

Required: 4896

Price: $NZ20 million

Accidental damage by pets, followed by flooding are the main causes of damage or damage to the carpet.

10. Dental implants

Requirements: 4327

Price: $NZ10 million

184 dental records were damaged by pets