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As someone who drives for a living, you no doubt spend “above average” hours on the road, which can lead to encounters with inappropriate drivers. They could make a small mistake or the driver could be having a bad day – either way feeling annoyed on the road can lead to anger.

We also go over the top tips to deal with these issues and help you avoid the urge to do anything that can disrupt your life. Taxi drivers, porters and couriers will have seen the best driving experience while driving.

It is easy to act impulsively in a resentful way. However, we would encourage you to think that most traffic conflicts are preventable. No matter how hard they grind your gears!

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The road often leads to dangerous driving behavior such as speeding, running red lights, weaving in and out of cars, and skidding. According to Department of Transportation data, aggressive driving caused 110 fatal crashes in 2019.

In addition, according to a 2021 global survey, 84% of drivers admit to feeling angry or irritated at times while driving, and 54% of drivers say their behavior changes when they are stressed or angry.

Practice driving respectfully

Avoid tailgating, speeding, weaving, braking uncontrollably, and going off large trees. When in doubt, be polite. Getting into your car without any stress is very important. So making sure you don’t walk straight after a phone call can ensure that emotions don’t end after a minor traffic collision.

A happy taxi driver means a happy passenger

Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt

Most car accidents are accidental. Try not to take it personally. The risk of injury or death is not worth a strong response. Remember to protect your career and set a benchmark for yourself on how to respond to the mistakes of other drivers, who may not rely on being on the road for a living like you do.

Breathe well

Don’t set unreasonable goals for yourself. As a commercial driver, working long hours can be dangerous to your health and well-being. Knowing when to take a break, maybe tea or coffee and a sugary snack is important. Letting go of your changes will help reduce your anxiety.

Avoid aggressive drivers

Keep a safe distance between yourself and aggressive drivers. Consider slowing down to give aggressive drivers room to pass or changing lanes to keep a distance.

Don’t be rude

Avoid eye or hand contact with aggressive drivers. Use your horn carefully and only in an emergency. In some cases where other drivers use their hands to threaten you, gathering evidence is important and in this case having a dash cam is very useful. Taxi drivers can find out more about indoor and outdoor CCTV here… Legal Advice for Using Dash Cams in Taxis.

Call 999 or your operator

If you are approached by an aggressive driver, call 999 and sit on the line with the driver, alternatively call your employer for advice on how to deal with aggressive drivers. If you are being followed, do not return home. In extreme cases, drive to the nearest police station if a driver threatens you.

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