Players Health Launches Successful Sports Insurance on Socotra’s Modern Policy Core Platform

The product was developed over a long period of time, enabling sports teams to protect players, coaches, and owners through the BizDynamics platform.

Players Health.

Insurance plays a big part in the life of a sports team, and it would be impossible for a team to play without it. The range of risks faced by the group means that they need to obtain several types of insurance, including commercial policy and emergency medical care. Finding exactly the right group covers quickly and efficiently is difficult. Game Players Health New includes full liability, disclosure of directors and officers, as well as speed medical treatment, and represents the company’s success in dealing with this problem, increasing the size of the combined insurance.

This first-of-its-kind insurance policy is managed by Socotra, which allowed the company to develop and launch the most complex product in just three months. The production of the product, which includes three types of insurance, which has 400 forms, and was established in 41 states, would have taken one or two years using traditional methods and technologies.

“I am thankful Players Health for his work in helping sports organizations create a safe and accessible environment for athletes, especially young athletes,” he said. Dan Woods, CEO of Socotra. We were very happy Players Health chose the Socotra Policy Core. Socotra offers insurers of all sizes the only reliable and API-driven way to live. Players Health and other insurtech MGAs can bring complex insurers to market faster, cheaper, and with greater flexibility for future growth. ”

Selected as a startup by 27 carriers and MGAs for insurtech in the last 18 months, Socotra offers an open and scalable platform for the insurance industry with the power to meet the needs of today’s professionals. With Socotra, insurers can start any insurance with external expertise or integrate through open APIs any custom or third-party technology in insurance.

Players Health they are committed to delivering their new products through digital and incorporating rapidly changing content, rules, and features. They chose BizDynamicscloud business unit for The opinion of the company ValueMomentum, Inc. is an authorized partner of Socotra, to deploy their cloud computing engine and digital communication platform, which is seamlessly integrated with Socotra.

“Players Health is one of the first MGAs to allow retailers to market their sports and fitness business through an easy-to-use online platform,” he said. Tyree BurksFounder and CEO of Players Health. “This first digital strategy is only possible with the integration of BizDynamics’ digital engagement platform and Socotra Policy Core, which made it quick and easy to implement our unique sports insurance. Together, Socotra and BizDynamics have been reliable partners, and we look forward to expanding the reach of Players Health and growth with them in the future.

Players Health provides the latest technology, risk management, and insurance to help protect young athletes and provide them with a safe environment to play the sport they love. With over 400,000 non-sports organizations and 45 million kids who play sports USThere is a great need for these organizations to step up and put the safety and health of athletes first. Players Health works with thousands of sports organizations, such as US Youth Football, NFL Flag Football, i9 Sports, and USA Be careful.

“Partnering with Socotra and BizDynamics is very much in line with our overall strategy,” he said. Sandeep BajajChief Information Officer of Players Health. “We are excited to work with Socotra and BizDynamics to deliver API-enabled technology tools built on a modern cloud architecture that will drive faster sales and agility and allow us to focus on business and customer experience.”

BizDynamics provided support services, as well as a digital communication platform, which serves as the basis for the communication strategies of Players Health as an insurance provider. Players Health also partnered with Socotra and BizDynamics to launch a new sports and health insurance Canada in two months.

“We at BizDynamics are happy to help Players Health provide the first digital experience to their unique insurance team,” he said Anant Iyer, President of Markets and Outreach at BizDynamics. “The integration of the BizDynamics digital platform on top of the Socotra Policy Core and our analytics engine has delivered. Players Health the easiest way for the agent to sell and support policies and for clients to manage their risks. We were all able to provide this high quality in a special time. We look forward to helping Players Health to advance their vision of digital events and additional services, including integrated, sports insurance. ”

On Socotra

Socotra brings unparalleled speed and flexibility to insurance technology. With Socotra’s modern platform, global insurers and insurtech MGAs can accelerate product development, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the customer experience. Socotra offers open APIs, data-agnostic data, and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance policy innovation fast, easy, and affordable. For more information, visit

About Players Health

Minneapolis– fixed Players Health is a sports technology platform that provides digital risk management services, reporting tools and insurance to sports organizations to adapt to changing sports and titles. Planning to create a safer environment for runners, Players Health they see the health and safety of athletes as a top priority in today’s sport. For more information, visit

About BizDynamics

BizDynamics, the cloud business division of The opinion of the company ValueMomentum, Inc., provides affordable and simple cloud solutions and business services that insurers need to succeed in the digital world. For more information, visit

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