Provana Partners and Finexus Insurance Agency to Offer Property & Casualty Insurance Benefits to Clients

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Provana, the leading provider of a unified platform for tracking and performance management, today announced a partnership with Finexus Insurance Agency to offer customers more access to property and casualty insurance, including potential discounts for Provana users. Finexus Insurance Agency, LLC is a leading provider of property and casualty insurance to collection companies nationwide, founded by industry veteran, Katie Zugsay.

Mrs. Zugsay is an attorney, who previously served as Corporate Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for a large collection agency and as a Client Service Executive for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, where she helped develop strategic plans for publicly traded clients. He founded Finexus to bring consistent, high-quality support to collection agencies, helping insurers better understand what financial institutions have already implemented. The result is the right insurance, often at a lower cost.

“Katie’s experience in the collection industry makes her a valuable and valuable asset to our clients,” he said. Shubham Bhargava, Director of Compliance Solutions at Provana. “His expertise will increase the value we can offer to our users, with the goal of providing discounted insurance coverage for Provana.”

“Provana is the industry expert when it comes to compliance, and their customers deserve to be fully compensated for adopting advanced technology that minimizes their risk,” he said. Katie Zugsay, Chief Executive Officer at Finexus. “This benefit is the first of its kind, and we are excited to provide new compliance and insurance solutions to organizations within the accounting industry.”

Advantages of legal collection companies

Collection law firms are the most common targets of cyber attacks. Finexus can help Provana law firm clients by expanding quote options and reducing dropouts and restrictions from cyber carriers. This is timely, as the FTC Safeguard Act goes into effect for law firms December 9, 2022.

Benefits for debt buyers and collection agencies

Debt buyers and collection agencies that are IPCS customers can now work with Finexus to ensure that their organization, in addition to their vendors, has the information needed to protect customer information at the right cost.

About Finexus Insurance Agency, LLC

Finexus promotes trust and understanding between insurers and policyholders, and helps customers understand the requirements of their purchase. Finexus’ agents and brokers have access to a growing list of insurers who are willing to underwrite the value of collection companies, giving clients additional options and opportunities to negotiate. Finexus focuses on property and casualty insurance, including workers’ compensation, E&O, directors and officers, cyber security, crime, industrial liability, and bonds. For more information, visit or call 1-800-831-6018.

About Provana

Provana is a SaaS platform that provides leaders with operational control. We serve law firms, insurance companies, accounts receivable organizations and online businesses in the US market that are tightly controlled by Price CFPB and other authorities. Provana is built on years of machine learning and natural language processing and helps customers manage private interactions, analyze unstructured data, process personal information and ensure compliance. Provana is backed by NYC-based fintech PE, recently raising capital November 2020. Find out more at

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