RingCentral® Enables Risk-Based Insurers to Improve Customer Service as Calls Grow.

BELMONT, California.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Preferred Risk Insurance Services (PRIS), a professional support company and subsidiary of Warrior Invictus Holding Co., helps its employees and customers to communicate effectively and efficiently with Opinions of the company RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading global provider of enterprise cloud communications, video conferencing, collaboration, and network solutions. With RingCentral MVP™ (Messaging, Video, Phone) and RingCentral Contact Center™, Preferred Casualty Insurance will enable their employees to effectively respond to the needs of their rapidly growing customer base while giving employees the flexibility to work remotely.

Like many companies, Preferred Risk Insurance has faced significant challenges during the pandemic with the use of location-based communication technology that has led to poor customer service and customer experience. It became necessary for the company to develop a cloud communication solution that would allow employees to call, send messages, and meet in one application. They also need a cloud-based interface that can provide detailed management and reporting, while enabling their agents to work from home.

“In risk insurance, there is no room for error and delay. Because our call volume has grown so much, we chose RingCentral because of its flexibility and because it provides a unified communications solution that will help us continue to provide superior service to our customers,” said Sumit Roy, CIO for Preferred Risk Insurance Services. . . “Our previous solution did not allow our employees to work from home effectively. It became a critical task for us to choose a cloud-based communication solution – which RingCentral offers. Finally, RingCentral offers the most secure solution on the market – very important for Industrial/Government compliance in the insurance industry. It is RingCentral , we have a great opportunity for our customers and employees.”

Preferred Risk Insurance Access to RingCentral Contact Center’s advanced capabilities

With RingCentral Contact Center, Preferred Risk Insurance will have the ability for their Agents to take recorded calls that can be added to the insurance, while also ensuring that they can still use all types of call recorders for follow up. . In the next phase of their RingCentral solution, Preferred Risk Insurance wants to address other needs by adding omnichannel integration, quality analysis and other management tools, including CRM integration to improve operations and manage customers.

“We are proud to be Preferred Risk Insurance’s provider of choice. Choosing our market-leading UCaaS and CCaaS as an integrated solution will transform Preferred Risk’s employees and customers,” said Carson Hostetter, RingCentral’s chief financial officer. “We look forward to working with you on a journey of cost savings, growth, greater mobility, and reliability. Ultimately this will lead to happier employees, happier customers and greater success.”

About Risk Insurance Interests

Headquartered in Bedford Park, Illinois, Preferred Risk Insurance Services (PRIS) is a professional services company that resides and operates under the umbrella of Warrior Invictus Holding Co. Managed by a team of executives with over 90 years of experience in the insurance industry, PRIS provides accounting, marketing, legal, IT, publishing, and claims services to regional and health insurance carriers. Casualty Insurance Services, 6640 S. Cicero Ave., Bedford Park, IL 60638, 708-552-2424, Company proposal PRISCorp.net.

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