Sapiens Further Expands Partner Network to Fulfill Insurance Processes

This partnership will expand and strengthen Sapiens’ value proposition offering to better serve insurers and insurers.

RALEIGH, NC, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The concept of the company Sapiens International Corporation(NASDAQ: SPNS) (TASE: SPNS), a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry, announced today the expansion of its Partner Network with five new partnerships in the North American market including – CGI, ForMotiv, Hi Marley, ODG and MCG, and Opterix, to provide Sapiens clients with new capabilities powered by modern insurtech solutions.

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Today’s insurers must focus on improving the customer experience using new and emerging technologies. Partnering with the right insurtechs will allow solution providers, such as Sapiens, to offer customers a simple and sophisticated solution that is cost-effective and easy to use. The success of these partnerships will play an important role in the future efforts and actions of insurers in the market.

The breadth of technologies these companies offer together with Sapiens’ market-leading solutions have allowed Sapiens to meet the needs of their clients and expand their solutions to support the digital transformation of insurers around the world.

The five technology providers joining the Sapiens network are:

  • CGI – provides end-to-end services to support insurers in building digital infrastructure, implementing key digital solutions such as data analytics, cybersecurity, and the cloud, as well as creating and managing central transformations

  • ForMotiv – runs real-time machine learning models on thousands of digital objects captured during digital consumption to instantly and accurately predict the user’s intent, enabling users to move.

  • Hi Marley – helps carriers to be successful with its SMS communication platform – designed for insurance. Hi Marley makes it possible for customers to communicate with their carriers through voice, reducing communication failures, resulting in fewer staff and customers, shorter cycle times and cost savings.

  • ANSWER and MCG – provides unbiased, evidence-based advice and technical solutions that support payers, providers, and employers in their efforts to return people to health in workers’ compensation.

  • Opterix images – provides insurers with the information and new tools needed to address future risks of climate change and climate-related risks by reducing exposure in certain areas. Through these insights and tools, insurers can identify, quantify and verify risk before it occurs in real time.

“Having served the industry for 40 years, we at Sapiens understand how to improve and eliminate unsustainable business challenges,” he said. Roni Al Dor, Sapiens President and CEO. “By partnering with innovative and forward-thinking partners in the space we can provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients while expanding the boundaries of insurtech innovation”.

Dedicated to providing their clients with market-leading solutions, Sapiens helps insurers succeed in a dynamic market by enabling change easier, faster, and more efficiently than ever before. Sapiens clients benefit from cutting-edge technologies developed by insurtech startups and technology leaders around the world. The Partner Network gives emerging technology providers the opportunity to showcase their new technologies to some of the world’s leading insurance providers.

Sapiens is available at ITC conference (Booth #2239) center September 21-22at Mandalay Bay Las Vegasand he is there to discuss his contract.

About Sapiens

Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ and TASE: SPNS) empowers the financial sector, with a focus on insurance, to transform and become digital, innovative, and agile. Backed by more than 40 years of industry expertise, Sapiens offers a complete insurance platform, with integrated, low-cost solutions and a cloud-first solution that enables customer transformation. Serving more than 600 clients in 30 countries, Sapiens provides property and casualty insurance, workers’ compensation and life markets with a wide range of solutions, from core to complementary, including Reinsurance, Financial & Compliance, Data & Analytics, Digital, and Decision Management . . For more information visit or follow us LinkedIn.

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