Sedgwick heads the group, an evolving approach to ESG and DEI

“We’ve always known what we mean by E, S, and G,” Lawley told Insurance Business. “For the environment, we realize that this is how we take care of the world. For people, it’s how we care for our friends, customers, and communities. Governance is how we treat ourselves. We have created this framework within each of the pillars.”

Sedgwick recently announced its vision for corporate governance and shared what has brought it closer to that vision. The company’s accomplishments to date include reducing its emissions by using lighting equipment instead of landfills, reducing its fleet, and promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles for business trips.

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Sedgwick has also changed several processes to enable digital recording and storage, greatly reducing the use of paper. Gone paperless at events and trade shows, taking advantage instead of participating in digital events with QR codes.

“In ESG, these areas of focus are well-known strong strategies. We have great indicators that we are dealing with,” said Lawley, highlighting the efforts of the entire organization to clarify the goals and timing of ESG.

With a multi-year strategy involving nearly 30,000 people in 80 countries, the company needs all hands on deck to realize its ESG vision. “It’s about bringing people on the journey with us,” Lawley said. “We are all committed to this together. It’s not just about the top down, it’s about all of our friends.

“We’ve had a strong communication strategy to make sure our partners know what we mean by ESG. We let them know that we’re doing things against their interests, and we help them talk to our customers and our communities because this is an important part for them too.”

The cry of God

Sedgwick also prides itself on integrating DEI throughout its business and people practices, starting at the top. CEO Mike Arbor joined more than 2,200 business leaders in more than 85 industries to sign the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, a movement to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

In its 2021 global survey, Sedgwick’s DEI index had the highest ranking. Employees shared and provided feedback on the company’s performance in several areas, such as hiring from diverse backgrounds, rewarding careers, diversity commitment, sense of community, and environment.

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“This research shows that people are experiencing society in a way that reflects our values. They see what we’re going for in a way that’s clear to them,” Lawley said. “My experience in DEI is that it doesn’t happen by accident. This is done through deliberate focus and effort. “

He pointed to Sedgwick’s talent acquisition team as an example. The team works with a variety of talent recruiters who send Sedgwick resumes to thousands of different agencies to bring in the most qualified candidates.

“Sometimes organizations call for a more comprehensive approach, where there might be a training session here or an event there. But we’re putting DEI in the way we do things. We’re not taking existing processes and bringing them back to DEI, but we’re building it right now so DEI’s principles are cooked up,” said Lawley.

Beyond the more deliberate and collaborative approach to ESG and DEI, Lawley also highlighted the importance of flexibility in the midst of constant change. “We know that the world is moving forward and businesses are changing, and the needs of our partners, customers, and communities are changing,” he said. “We created a system that is robust to ensure that we can deal with what is needed. We have a solid plan, we have initiatives, we have our KPIs, but we will continue to evaluate and improve.”