SES Risk Solutions and Latchel Partner to Reduce Property Insurance Costs for SFR Property Managers and Landlords

The new program leverages technical expertise, underwriting expertise, and purchasing power to provide a unique insurance solution.

IRVINE, California.–(GOOD WIRE)–
As the SFR industry continues to struggle with rising costs and compressed margins, SES Risk Solutions and Latchel have agreed to create a unique program designed to reduce the cost of property insurance for investors and property managers. The agreement leverages Latchel’s emergency management technology, property manager’s purchasing power, and SES’s proprietary technology and underwriting expertise to provide a unique insurance solution for Latchel’s customers.

“We are very excited about this partnership with Latchel because we are able to do more than just find an acquisition opportunity,” he said. Scott PhillipsSVP, Strategic Partnerships and Digital Integration, SES Risk Solutions. “SES is committed to creating partnerships that drive real value for property managers and clients of all sizes.”

SES recognized Latchel’s work as a game-changer for property managers to offer their clients a cost-effective way to insure their properties. Latchel’s emergency maintenance technology significantly reduces and minimizes property damage from emergency maintenance. SES demonstrated how this service reduces the overall risk used in property insurance pricing and creates a unique program with lower rates than can be found in the open market.

“SES has developed one of the most innovative insurance solutions to help third-party property managers create new revenue streams and increase retention for property owners,” he said. Dear Ethan, CEO of Latchel. “Latchel has always aimed to provide automated solutions that create new revenue streams rather than cost, so the benefits that SES provides will impact Latchel’s customers. This is an improvement on the emergency maintenance technology we have already provided.”

About Latchel

Latchel is the only platform that integrates real estate revenue generation and management software that enables real estate managers to provide unparalleled customer service. Latchel’s services allow asset managers to save time, protect their assets, and improve relationships with vendors.

About SES Risk Solutions

SES is taking insurance out of the dark ages and using digital integration to allow property managers and home owners to find market-leading carriers. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just starting out, SES streamlines the insurance buying process with instant quoting and online policy management.

Due to rising property prices and interest rates, the mortgage industry has seen significant changes in market demand and available technology. SES’s 30-year history with industry-leading carriers combined with key location relationships enables SES to provide industry-leading expertise and market-leading prices to REI customers of all sizes.

To inquire about a partnership with SES or more about Latchel’s partnership, email [email protected] or call (657) 261-2470.

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Brett Bennett
VP, Strategic Partnerships

SES Risk Solutions

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Source: SES Risk Solutions