Six ways to find time to exercise every day

We all get the same amount of hours in the day, yet for some people it is easy to find time to prepare, while others find it impossible. And there are good reasons for doing so—work, family, and other responsibilities take away those precious minutes and hours. That said, if you’re in the latter category, what do you need to do to find or find time to exercise?

The Aaptiv fitness program can really help. Available at no cost to eligible Haven Term members, through the Haven Life Plus bonus rider. Aaptiv has an ever-growing range of workouts, from full-sweat sessions to guided walks. It also has quick workouts, which can be a good place to start if you’re short on time and haven’t done much exercise.

If you’re one of those people who struggle to get even a little exercise, we can explain it to you. That’s why we asked Aaptiv guru Raj Hathiramani for some helpful tips. Here is what he said.

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Go play

“Competition is working every day for a long time,” says Hathiramani, and once you start one, it becomes his motivation. Not only do you have a goal (exercise every day for X number of days or weeks), but when you go on your way, you feel that you have to lose by giving up.

Another advantage of the streak method is that it makes you realize that you can exercise every day. Hathiramani recommends “starting small, like a week or a month” to make sure your goal is achievable and achievable. “You can always expand” if you go into the river, he adds.

Do work and work

It sounds counterintuitive, but if persistence is important to you, consider making it a priority. Kind of. As Hathiramani says: “Use your fitness for the most important activities, not the other way around.”

By scheduling exercise time around more important things like your children or your job, you can find more time, because those important things have been taken care of. For example, you can retrace your steps by walking around the track while your child is playing soccer, or make your next meeting (alone or one-on-one).

Also, consider blocking specific time in your calendar, just like you would for other important things (like taking the kids to school, or checking in with your boss every week).

Get it smart

One obstacle to regular exercise is if you’re developing yourself, and you want to be on the injury list. Especially if it’s been a long time, you want to avoid going back due to injury or fatigue.

To prevent this from happening, Hathiramani recommends that you include recovery as part of your exercise routine. “Stretching is a bubble,” he says. Include days where you do a little exercise. You can also alternate your exercise between something more intense (like a light jog in the morning) and something less intense (like yoga or pilates). And don’t forget: Even meditation — like the meditation you’ll find on Aaptiv — can be healthy.

Mix it up

Another common enemy of regular exercise is fatigue. Even well-trained trainers can get sick of running the same routines, lifting the same weights, listening to the same playlists – so don’t be surprised if you experience the same problem.

The key is to mix it up as much as possible. “To avoid conflict, change the types of groups,” says Hathiramani. As with the recovery advice above, consider alternating types of exercise – focusing on cardio one day, and flexibility, for example. Or just pick something fun and new to wear to your workout, and plan it the night before. Every bit helps.

Bring a friend

If you’re exercising for five minutes, you’re probably doing it alone, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. “Invite others to answer for you,” says Hathiramani. This could be if you and your partner commit together to spend a certain amount of money each week (or participate in a session together), or simply tell your partner your goals and ask them to discuss them with you. How are you coming?

Check your progress

“In addition to sharing your selfie with the community on the app, track your progress, whether it’s an old school book or the Strava app,” says Hathiramani. “Cutting down trees can help you have goals or try to appreciate; it helps you see how far you’ve come, and see how things are going.”

Exercising can be overwhelming, especially since the benefits can take time to show. Keeping a log is a great way to keep moving forward – and remind yourself that you’re actually accomplishing something.

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Our maintenance schedule

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