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Tele Medical Checkup for Term Insurance

This epidemic has changed the basic way we used to go about our daily life. Remote working has become the new trend and socializing is better than parties. Check out what’s going on, insurance companies they are also changing their laws to adapt to the changes. Telemedicine is one such option.

The effects of the plague have been felt in all areas of our lives. From the way we live our daily lives to the way businesses operate, everything seems to have changed, for the better. In connection with the new life “distanced from people”, the insurance industry also seems to be making more progress with its medical centers for customers. Here we are talking about tele medicine for term insurance and how it can be a useful tool in new and changing times.

Tele Medical Meaning

As the name suggests, telephone means via telephone. Therefore, a telemedical examination refers to a medical examination by a doctor over the phone. This replaces the need to go to the doctor’s office for a check-up. The person can also be tested in the same way by talking to the doctor over the phone.

Why Do We Need a Medical Approval to Get Long Term Insurance?

Now the question arises, why is there a need for a blood test in the first place when applying for a long term insurance plan? Many insurance companies require their prospective clients to undergo a thorough medical examination before purchasing an insurance policy.

This is to know about the health of the person buying the policy. A person with no medical history or health problems can receive more and less expensive treatment because of the lower risk. Apart from this, a medical examination helps to determine the pre-existing conditions of a patient before deciding to buy a whole life insurance policy.

What Happens When They Go to the Hospital?

The medical examination required by the insurance company involves several tests necessary to ensure that the person is fit and healthy at the time of purchasing the insurance. Some of these tests include height and weight measurement, cholesterol testing, urinalysis, differential count, HIV I and II testing, fasting plasma glucose testing, and complete blood count (CBC).

How Does Tele Medicals in Insurance Work?

As mentioned earlier, telemedical testing means talking to a doctor over the phone instead of going to the hospital. During this telephone consultation, a person undergoing a medical examination, or life assured if they have long-term insurance, tells the doctor all their health needs over the phone.

The person must disclose to the doctor any medical conditions they have or have had in the past. Apart from that, the doctor may also ask about the medical history of the person’s family to understand how likely the person is to have the same disease.

All of this is discussed over the phone at an agreed time between the doctor and the prospective legal practitioner, as both are supportive. Based on the details collected by the doctor and given to the insurance company, the latter decides whether or not to offer the term insurance to the prospect.

Also note that if any of these information is false or misleading, the insurer has every right to refuse the applicant’s insurance application. This does not matter whether the examination was performed physically or via telemedical communication.

Tele Medical Checking Useful for NRIs

With telemedical tests being conducted for long term insurance plans, NRIs can now easily choose an insurance plan in India without going to the country for a physical examination. This can now be done through a telephone or video consultation with an Indian doctor located anywhere in the world.

Along with telemedical check-up, NRIs can also opt for an insurance plan online. They can choose the one that suits their medical needs and fulfill all the requirements online. This way NRIs can continue to enjoy the benefits of affordable insurance in India from any part of the world.

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Why Do You Need Term Insurance?

We discussed above the coverage of telemedicine in insurance plans that have been made possible during the pandemic. But why do we need term insurance?

Buying term insurance is one of the smartest decisions you will make in your life. It is the guarantee that your loved ones will be protected in your absence, should you die. Term insurance provides financial security for your family, ensuring that all their goals and activities continue even after you are gone.

It is always a good idea to buy term insurance at a young age to enjoy benefits such as superior coverage and affordable rates. PayBima offers long term insurance plans to protect your family and loved ones in your absence. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and ensure a life of financial security and comfort for your family.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many important lessons in life. Protecting ourselves and preparing for an uncertain future was one of them. This is why it makes sense to buy life insurance at the right time, to prepare your family for life’s uncertainties in your absence.

A medical examination is required by most insurance companies before they will allow an applicant to purchase long term insurance. With in-person contact as the new norm, telemedicine trends are starting to take off again, making it possible for people to perform tests in their own homes.

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