The Benefits of a Simple Will to Protect Your Successors – Legal Insurance Blog – August 23, 2022

It should be on everyone’s bucket list, but a will is often the last thing to consider. It is a difficult task because it makes people aware of their mortality. However, a will is a document that has its advantages.

It’s a financial planning principle that experts strongly recommend to everyone, regardless of age. Young people, especially those with young children, should look at what they can do to protect young children. Seniors have good control over how their final estate is distributed. Its benefits cannot be denied.

  • Someone has been put in charge. The will requires that an executor be appointed. That person has the authority to ensure that the person’s last wishes are respected in the distribution of the pieces of the property.
  • Probate problems are minimized. If you think that snails are slow, look at the courts to work if there is no will to be involved. The final allocation of land is delayed by months and sometimes even years.
  • Your children are protected. It is a good idea to assign guardians in a will that has a court so that you know who can look after your loved ones.
  • Power of disinheritance. A will can clearly define who will not benefit.
  • Eliminate legal hassles. There are difficulties in distributing property; make no mistake about it. A will is a binding document that minimizes complications.
  • Gifts and donations may be included. A person can choose what they like or the institution of higher education receives something from the center.

Group legal plans often provide for the writing of simple wills. Prepaid Legal Services Worldwide provide this benefit with a few additional attractions.

Experts Not Templates

Our group legal program emphasizes establishing a relationship with an attorney. There are many lawyers throughout the country, and in every region there are lawyers practicing. A member of the national legal team has a leading role, and a meeting can be easily set up.

Honors are part of the legal profession’s pre-paid services. Our attorneys know how difficult it can be to do a simple job, and all of our legal assistance shows the utmost compassion and respect. The legal representative is encouraged to speak freely, and the lawyer will listen carefully.

Working with the client

We’ve provided prepaid legal services to organizations of all sizes for over 30 years. However, our experience doesn’t mean we know everything about prospective employees. Therefore, we ask managers to help us create the best plans for their employees.

We explain all of our benefits to decision makers about our potential clients. We welcome questions, and encourage them. The management will select the most beneficial measures that will be included in the final draft. We include this, and Countrywide will manage the benefits and provide more services.

Special Advantage

We include various other services in the legal framework of the group; one of these is designed for easy selection. We sent annual reminders to people who made a will with Countrywide. That way, a person can change the will to reflect a change in estate or beneficiaries. It prevents problems that may arise if things have changed, but the will has not changed.

A simple will is not a complicated document. It’s no longer than six pages, which is what most people need when choosing a site. However, this is an important document that every person should have. If you would like to learn more about our prepaid legal services and how we support our plan members, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We hope we have something your employees will appreciate.