The best American cars of the 1950s

The 1950s was a great time for American cars and there are some memorable cars that you can invest your money in if you want to own one.

There’s nothing more exciting than pulling the lights, tail fins alight, in a fiery roar from the USA. Here the Adrian Flux team presents six of the best American cars from the 1950s.

Chevrolet Bel Air

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An icon of the 1950s and named after the affluent Westside of Los Angeles, Bel Air exuded charm, comfort and cool.

An American muscle car that could accelerate from 0-60 in 20 seconds, which was the fastest of its day, the Bel Air was quickly called “hot”. It is still very hot today and is highly sought after by collectors.

With its sleek, gold-trimmed design, long tail fins, and powerful V-8 engine, it offered people a chance to experience luxury without paying a king’s ransom for the pleasure.

Chrysler New Yorker

American car

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The New Yorker was the epitome of Chrysler’s history, the best of everything the company had to offer in terms of style, comfort and prestige.

It came in 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible formats and was well priced and ready to compete with the elite from Buick, Oldsmobile and Mercury.

The Trumpet of the New Yorker was his powerful but inexpensive work. Bright and chrome, until its end in 1996, the New Yorker in its various guises was produced longer than any other American car.

Buick Roadmaster Skylark

American car

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Designed to commemorate Buick’s 50th anniversary, The Roadmaster Skylark was a special two-seater model introduced in 1953 by General Motors.

It was expensive, costing twice as much as its predecessor, but it was instantly classic with its cool styling, chrome finish, wire wheels and whitewall tires.

The Skylark also featured Buick’s newly developed Fireball V8 engine in place of the automaker’s old straight-8, as well as a new 12-volt electric system.

cadillac eldorado

American car

Picture is Mic from Reading, Berkshire.

Another revolutionary and designed to reflect Cadillac’s golden anniversary, the name Eldorado is An abbreviation of two Spanish words which, when translated loosely, mean “golden”.

It was a big piece of metal but, powered by a 5.4-liter V8 engine delivering 199 horsepower and 324 ft-lb of torque, it was no slouch.

Although it had one gold tag, it was available in only four colors, Alpine white, Azure blue, Aztec red, and Artisan ocher, and only 532 cars were produced in its first year in 1953.

This did not disappoint people, and Marilyn Monroe was among the proud owners who drove the Eldorado as a fashion accessory.

Lincoln Continental

American car

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Continental was an iconic brand in the 50s and still is today. Its name is meant to reflect its unique European style and good looks. It came with a hefty price tag though which took it off the market for many money-conscious car enthusiasts.

The undisputed star of the fifties, the Continental was produced for 55 of the nineties, such is the marque’s enduring appeal.

The beauty, the power, wow, its engine is as beautiful a machine as you can imagine.

Ford Thunderbird

American car

Picture is Greg Gjerdingen from Willmar, USA.

Some say the two-seater T-Bird was the largest car ever built. The quintessential 50s classic was an instant hit when it went on sale in 1955 and remains one of America’s most important cars of all time.

It was designed to compete with Chevrolet’s Corvette – in fact the T-Bird beat the Corvette, outselling it by more than 20-1.

Petrolheads loved it so much, and bought it in so many numbers, that Ford continued to make the car in different versions – four-seat hardtop, four-seat convertible, five-seat convertible hardtop, four-door pillared hardtop sedan, six-passenger hardtop coupe, and five-passenger pillared coupe — for another half a hundred.

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