The life insurance test: Should you plan wisely?

Although some life insurance products, including Haven Simple by Haven Life, can be purchased without a medical exam, if you are in good health it is often best to apply for a medical exam that requires a medical exam to get the best rates. . (Why is that? Life insurers want as much certainty as they can get. If you’re in good or excellent health, you’re a safe bet, and you’ll be eligible for the best rates on your policy.)

So if you’re going to take a life insurance test, should you try to get it right? Let’s just say that there are times when you may be better than others. After your best friend’s wedding? You may need a few days to recover. Planning to run a 10k? You can be in the best shape of your life. Although certain times of the day may find you healthier than others.

So should you consider when to prepare for your life insurance policy? The answer is yes… and no. To learn more, keep reading.


Your lab results will greatly influence the life insurance “class” you will be placed in. Generally, the better your health, the better your class. And the better your premium class, the less you’ll pay for support. When that’s the case, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your results are as good as they can be.

First, make sure you have a hydner, how to work the liver vessels is very good, and do not exercise within 24 hours, then your body does not recover. “We’ve seen people with his thoughts recently.

Another interesting story: “Most of the time, people know not to drink alcohol before they have, but you might be surprised.” So yes, you probably don’t need to arrange a life insurance test right after your best friend’s wedding, even if the marriage is something you think about “always,” taking care of and being responsible for someone else, and all the other considerations. which leads people to get life insurance.

The no

However, your labs are only part of the clinical information that will be used to determine your grade. Insurers also use information from the Medical Information Bureau, which will be visible even after your exam.

“Underwriters tend to see stable values ​​from the last year to two years,” says Li. So, for example, if you’ve lost weight in the last 12 months, we’ll ask you some questions to understand why.

What this means is that while it is good to make your lab results as good as possible, doing so is not some kind of magic that will get you the grade you want.

The final answer

So what should you do, beyond following all the rules of all kinds of exams? (That is, not drunk, dehydrated or tired.) If you are living a healthy lifestyle, losing body fat or losing weight, wait a year before treatment, so you can become a new “healthy person”. will all lab results be counted? No, you don’t have to.

There are two reasons not to do this: First, especially, if you are young, you will not pay much for your life insurance. And unless you’re Benjamin Button, you’ll never be any younger than you are today. And because life insurance premiums are the same as age, you will pay less over the life of your life insurance policy.

But most importantly, if you wait to get life insurance, then you will go without having a policy. (Duh.) Even if you’re fit and healthy, you’ll likely run into accidents between now and the time you plan to sign up. (We don’t believe it, but it happens.) And even the seemingly healthiest among us can suddenly fall ill and make treatment very expensive, or not available at all. Again, we hope this never happens to you, but it has.

In short, if you’re thinking about getting life insurance, there’s no time like the present. Chances are, you’ll want to get a medical check-up as part of the process — and if you do, make sure you don’t schedule it the morning after your best friend’s wedding or company holiday party.