The President of the Agency was sentenced to spend $ 300 thousand in Insurance Premiums

A Massachusetts insurance agent has pleaded guilty to stealing $295,278 in insurance claims from five small businesses. David G. Pietro (67) of Sandwich (Mr. Pietro), president of Taunton-based insurance company DGP-Miles Insurance Agency, Inc. (DP-Miles), argued in Bristol Superior Court, along with his. spending approximately $300,000 on commercial insurance provided by several small businesses that produce insurance through the DP-Miles organization.

Mr. Pietro and his organization were indicted in March 2019 for major crimes

Attorney General Maura Healey

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Attorney General Maura Healey

A federal judge indicted Pietro and DP-Miles on March 25, 2019, charging each with five counts of defamation. You see Agency Checklists Issue of April 2, 2019, “President of Taunton Insurance Agency Accused of Stealing $270,000 in Insurance Payments..”

The law that Mr. Pietro was charged with breaking the law was that “Whoever…with intent…to steal, turns over…the property of another…is a felony… and if the value of the stolen property exceeds $1,200.00, he will be sentenced to prison.” to the state prison for not more than five years, or to a fine not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars and to imprisonment for not more than two years.” As for the agency that the Attorney General sued, DP-Miles, the only possible penalty was a statutory fine of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Father Pietro was sentenced to two years in prison with a restitution order

Following his plea to five counts of aggravated robbery, Judge Daniel O’Shea sentenced Mr. Pietro to two years of probation, of which Mr. Pietro must perform 100 hours of community service for two years. reimbursement of the five affected persons with an amount to be determined.

The judge also ordered DP-Miles to surrender its business insurance certificate. The agency has maintained its corporate records to date since the impeachment. The court order will end the organization’s right to act as an insurer or producer in Massachusetts.

They collected premiums from insurance companies, and personal and business insurance premiums, and the laws were repealed.

In five cases Mr. Pietro and DP-Miles Insurance Agency pleaded guilty to defrauding $295,278 in insurance premiums from five commercial clients, mostly small businesses.

Mr. Pietro’s mistakes were collecting insurance money from business customers through DP-Miles and failing to pay all the payments he received to the insurance carriers. Instead, he lied to his clients about the amount they paid in order to hide the fact that he used the money he was given to DP-Miles to pay for his business and products.

Pietro’s theft caused several commercial insurers who did business with DP-Miles to have their commercial insurance policies wrongfully canceled.

Focusing on small business accounts

The DP-Miles website is no longer available. However, previous research on the Internet found that the agency focused on the type of business accounts it had hacked.

The 2018 DP-Miles website said:

Ours business The program protects almost every business in Eastern Massachusetts, and the program has many insurance options, including in sea water, Business General Liability (CGL)and business owner policies (BOPs). We have specially designed software for businesses in over 30 industries, incl food service, makingand retail. We select media from these programs to meet each marketing plan. ((emphasis in original)

Mr. Pietro also operated a supplemental and supplemental agency with a six-state nutrition program

DP-Miles’ Facebook page and its extensive returns

The DP-Miles website also featured a restaurant program that said:

“We have elite people restaurant an insurance program where we ensure that multi-brand restaurants get the coverage they need. ” (Emphasis in original).

The restaurant insurance program was managed through Mr. Pietro’s business, American Market Insurance Agency, Inc., and Elite Restaurant Insurance Association, Inc., Both companies operated from the DP-Miles area in Taunton to Mr. Pietro and DB-Defense Miles

In 2018, Mr. Pietro announced that the restaurant DP-Miles program is available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Both American Market and Elite Restaurant ceased operations on December 31, 2021,

Statement of the Attorney General on the judgment of Mr. Pietro

“Insurance fraud and fraud destroys the integrity of insurance and can have a significant impact on those involved,” said Attorney General Mauro Healey. “We are pleased that the defendant has been ordered to reimburse the customers, many of whom are small businesses, who defrauded his scheme and left him without insurance. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to prosecute those involved in fraud and theft.”

The team that investigated and charged Mr. Pietro is DP-Miles-Miles Insurance Agency.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant Attorneys General Jared Cohen and Christopher O’Brien of Attorney General Healey’s Criminal Bureau and Insurance & Unemployment Fraud Division, assisted by Criminal Investigator Lashauna Craig, Victim Witness Advocate Megan Murphy, and the Massachusetts State Police who were assigned to the police station. Attorney General’s Office and from investigators at the Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau.

The Attorney General is asking for tips on his number of insurance fraud cases

The announcement of the Attorney General on the complaints and decisions of Mr. Pietro and DP-Miles-Miles Insurance Agency advised and requested:

“If anyone believes they have been victimized by this or has information about other victims, they are encouraged to contact the Attorney General’s Office Insurance Fraud Tip Line at 617-573-5330.” This is the number for the Insurance and Unemployment Fraud Unit within the White Collar and Public Integrity Division. This division investigates and prosecutes individuals who have committed fraud against insurers and against the Commonwealth’s unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation programs.

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