The shareholders of Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:HRTG) also had some losses but was US$31k away from matching the initial earnings.

Who bought US $230k Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:HRTG) shares recovered some of last year’s losses after the stock gained 35% last week. However, the purchase appears to be a costly gamble, as insider losses have reached $31k since the purchase.

While we don’t think stockholders should only follow insiders, we think it makes sense to look at what insiders are doing.

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Last 12 Months of Insider Transactions at Heritage Insurance Holdings

In the last year, we can see that the biggest insider purchase was by Chairman Richard Widdicombe for shares of US$ 58k, about US$ 5.84 per share. This means that the insider was happy to buy shares above the current price of US$3.50. Although their views have changed since the purchase, this shows that they are confident in the future of the company. In our opinion, the price that an insider pays for shares is very important. In general, it is interesting to us when people buy stocks at current prices, because it shows that they believe that the shares are worth buying, even at a higher price.

Heritage Insurance Holdings Insiders may have bought shares in the past year, but haven’t sold any. Their average price was about US$4.04. I would consider this a good thing because it shows that the insiders see the current price value. You can see a snapshot of internal activity (for companies and individuals) over the past 12 months, below. If you want to know exactly who sold, how much, and when, just click on the graph below!

NYSE: HRTG Insider Trading Volume August 6th 2022

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Heritage Insurance Holdings Insiders Bought the Stock Recently

In the past three months, we have seen a major corporate buyout at Heritage Insurance Holdings. In total, the three insiders took out US$89k in shares in the company – and none were sold. This makes one think that the business has good values.

Does Heritage Insurance Holdings Have High Ownership?

Another way to test the relationship between company leaders and other shareholders is to see how many shares they own. We usually like to see a lot of insider ownership. Insiders own 18% of Heritage Insurance Holdings shares, worth about US$16m. This level of insider ownership is good, but it is still far from ideal. It definitely shows the right level of dryness.

What Can Insider Transactions At Heritage Insurance Holdings Tell Us?

It’s great to see what they’ve bought recently. We also gain confidence from a long-term picture of internal affairs. However, we note that the company has not made a profit in the last twelve months, which makes us cautious. Considering that the joint venture also owns Heritage Insurance Holdings, we think they are confident of a bright future. So while it is useful to know what insiders are doing when it comes to buying or selling, it is also useful to know the risks that a particular company is facing. When we did our research, we found out 2 warning signs for Heritage Insurance Holdings (1 is about!) which we believe is worth paying attention to.

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