This TPA built its claim platform to great success

This led to the birth of the company’s Hubvia platform in 2019, which focused on claims management systems. Since then, the Texas-based company has rolled out other services on the platform, including a regulatory-focused security depository and a share exchange service.

Brush Country employs about 40 people and has between 15 and 20 regular insurers, said Stewart, who took the job here in 2018 and has been with the company for 11 years.

‘Making everything’

In developing their platform, Brush Country focused on all the challenges and finding ways to improve them.

“It was putting all of our experience in debt recovery and understanding the challenges we faced – all the areas we recognized. [as] complaints and other opportunities to improve,” Stewart explained “We tried to create a [platform] which actually solves many of these types of problems. “

At the top of the list, Brush Country looked at how to manage data effectively.

“We knew that data was going to be a very important thing. In our company, it’s the most valuable thing that each of us has, but the problem with it is that it was not accessible, so we wanted to solve this,” said Stewart.

One way to do this: to convert any kind of unstructured data into structured data as often as possible, and this has opened the doors to Brush Country.

“What it allows us to do is it sets us up for what we want to do… Stewart said.

Machine learning is also helping to improve the way Brush Country now works, with EDI APIs as the connective tissue to allow for more rapid changes.

“We transfer information directly and get our people working on one platform as often as possible,” Stewart said.

Another key feature of the platform is communication, with the aim of promoting transparency and quick response.

“We have a rules-based system that records information in real time, decisions that don’t have to be made manually,” Stewart said. “It has enabled us to communicate quickly abroad which promotes transparency and trust and engagement [carrier customers] participating in all aspects, being truly involved throughout the process rather than following a standard”.

This method has resulted in more profit and more information for customers, he said.

Open communication has also allowed Brush Country to tap into things it may not have known before.

For example, developers in the field may encounter a problem they are not comfortable with and ask for alternative solutions. The Brush Country scoping application can see in real time everything they are looking at, based on the photos or videos they have shared. It understands what the changers consider to be damaged or non-damaged and then provides advice on how to move forward.

Do it yourself

Building the TPA tower from the ground up was not an easy process, Stewart recalled, even though the company initially hired other people to help build it.

“We had a lot of mistakes… [and] learned a lot through trial and error,” he said. “We’re not a tech company by nature but we are [now] more in practice. “

Making the technology more familiar has improved Brush Country’s strategy, and has improved the in-house and customer experience. Building his own tower was also a big lesson, he said.

“We’ve learned a lot and come a long way,” said Stewart.

With a big injection of insurtech, Brush Country has more opportunities for the future than it would have otherwise.

“There’s a lot of opportunities that insurtech brings, and I feel like we’re right there, we’re just starting to look at what we can do,” Stewart said.