Three in Five Canadians Will Buy Samos Insurance: Canada’s First Surgical Insurer Just Received $3-Million in Seed Capital.

WATERLOO, ON, July 27, 2022 /CNW/ – Samos Insurance is pleased to announce that consumers and investors are very affected Canada to The first accidental death insurance that covers scheduled surgeries.

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A new poll from Forum Research Inc. showing the great importance of Samos insurance. Three out of five Canadians said they would be more likely to buy surgical insurance. The price also seems attractive to consumers, with three out of five Canadians saying they want to buy a premium insurance plan. $90 to $150, the usual price for most Samos plans. This insurance plan is very attractive to young Canadians who do not have life insurance but still want the peace of mind offered by Samos Insurance.

“We know that many Canadians spend a lot of time preparing for recovery after a planned procedure, and this survey also shows us that they are interested in making sure that a plan is in place if a major emergency occurs.” Samos Insurance offers exceptional service and peace of mind. for patients, so they can focus on recovery and not ‘what if’,” said founder and CEO Samos Eric Blondeel.

These inventions provide peace of mind to Canadians who are planning elective surgery, knowing that their loved ones will be protected. Surgical procedures covered by this law include, but are not limited to, surgical procedures, surgical procedures, and cardiac surgery. The laws of Samos provide up to $100,000 in providing care for accidental death due to elective, elective surgery.

The new documents are also attracting the attention of investors.

In addition to the release of the above-mentioned polls, that three out of five Canadians will buy accidental death insurance, the type offered by Samos, Samos Insurance is pleased to announce that it has received support. $3 million USD currency in the seed round led by SiriusPoint.

SiriusPoint said in a words last month that Samos’ first-of-its-kind accidental death insurance company filled a gap in the market that needed to be addressed urgently. “SiriusPoint is very pleased to support the growth of Samos as the company provides solutions to technical challenges for those undergoing critical surgeries,” he said. Tom Leonardo, US Head of Accident & Health at SiriusPoint. “We are excited about the opportunity for both of our companies, and for consumers this insurance will help.”

This upgrade from SiriusPoint will be important in supporting the growth of Samos as it aims to provide peace of mind to consumers. A partnership like this will greatly contribute to the future growth of Samos. Planning a surgery is a complex process, which Samos will make easier as it expands its business across the country.

This investment from SiriusPoint and the ratings prove that Samos has filled a gap in the market and has the opportunity to grow as it brings its innovative products to Canadians who are interested in what they have to offer.

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Samos Insurance is a fast-growing insurtech startup created by data, research and insurance experts. We’ve developed a surgical risk factor and we’ve developed a tool to help prevent accidental deaths. We sell accidental death insurance to individuals, through brokers and through employer defined benefit plans. We offer affordable, short-term insurance that provides peace of mind when Canadians need it most – so patients can focus on recovery instead of “what if”. Our products are based on a personalized model of surgical risk writing designed to bridge the gap of traditional accidental death policies.

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