Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals [And Why We Love Them]

Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals [And Why We Love Them]

Key points

  • Listening to podcasts by HR experts is a great way to learn how companies work and get inspiration for effective employee change.
  • Top channels cover industry news and trends and provide professional information in an accessible format.
  • You can learn new tips, strategies, and ideas about employee health by listening to the best HR podcasts in addition to your regular content.

Podcasts for HR professionals give those in the industry an easy, accessible way to get the latest news, trends, and ideas on HR topics. By listening to top podcasts, you can get inspiration for new wellness programs you can implement in your company to boost employee satisfaction and improve performance.

How Corporate Podcasts Can Empower HR Professionals

As an HR professional, you are always looking for it inspiration and new ideas to benefit your company’s employees. Some of your concerns include finding affordable employee health insurance and organizing employee benefits to encourage hiring, performance, and engagement.

One of the best ways to find inspiration is to listen to the stories of others. Psychology Today says that stories are about communication, communication, and communication, and hearing them can trigger our emotions. This allows us to tap into innovation and creativity that we may not have otherwise discovered and can bring new ideas to the fore.

The best HR Podcasts feature stories from industry experts and startups like us Mike Schroeder. Listening to experts in the field tell their stories and share insights can inspire you and give you new ideas to implement in your HR department.

Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals

There are many experienced people who create interesting content and provide technical advice to HR people. Here are 10 great podcasts that will help your company’s employees reach their full potential.

1. HR Happy Hour

HR Happy Hour was launched in 2009 and is the longest running HR podcast on the list. Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese discuss a number of topics such as workforce technology, leadership, and human resources. You can hear HR news on the HR Happy Hour panel, HR MarketWatchI hear research based on HR General Research podcast.

Why we love it: A curated collection of podcasts so you can enjoy the many videos our friends have to offer.

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2. Change HR

Redefining HR (formerly known as “21st Century HR”) is led by Lars Schmidt and focuses on how to empower people in HR and build business. Lars speaks with HR executives, CHROs, talent leaders, and other experts to find out how the HR industry is shaping the future. Topics include creating a workplace that engages people, prioritizing diversity, and adopting modern recruiting strategies.

Why we love it: Explore real-world industry trends with an easy-to-follow communication strategy.

Valid part: Ep 119: Adopting Family-Family Focus as HR Director and Maven Clinic SVP of People Karsten Vagner

3. #Worktrends By Meghan M. Biro

#Worktrends combines podcasting and Twitter chats for a unique, trending podcast for HR professionals. Meghan hosts Twitter chats between 1:30 and 2:00 pm (EST), where she answers and discusses industry questions, speaks with leading HR professionals, and engages with HR technology vendors to share their inspiration. #Worktrends covers topics such as the importance of background checks, productivity and prioritization, and linking employee awareness and safety.

Why we love it: Industry-leading performance and unique features.

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4. My future HR is David Green

This HR-centric podcast is hosted by David Green. On the show, Green features several HR professionals who are using digital tools and data-driven strategies to improve their HR work. This podcast is for you if you love to learn new technologies and digital tools they can help your HR department. Special topics include post-pandemic hybrid leadership, workforce planning, and organizational change.

Why we love it: It focuses on practical tips to use to support your HR team.

Valid part: Episode 113: How People Make Information, and How Data Makes People (Interview with Visier’s Ian Cook)

5. Punk Rock HR

Career consultant Laurie Ruettimann talks to colleagues and friends about the behind-the-scenes of careers and HR. This podcast is a regular way to talk about work and how being your own HR can help you lead others.

Why we love it: The podcast comes with bonus episodes and links to the content page so you can dive deeper into the topics.

Valid part: Creating an Emotionally Safe Space by Sara Martin

6. The Future of Work Podcast

Hosted by Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work is a fun, in-depth podcast that offers insights from a number of industry leaders. Guests have included the CEOs of Netflix and Best Buy, authors such as Seth Godin and Marshall Goldsmith, and other experts such as scientists and psychologists.

Why we love it: Well-researched with lots of actionable advice and an engaging storytelling style.

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7. Working with People Podcast

Managers, supervisors, and HR leaders will enjoy the Working With People Podcast. This podcast brings together HR professionals to share advice and stories on how to attract, retain, and improve your talent. Topics include developing managerial skills, working remotely, and project management.

Why we love it: Short, focused discussions for veteran executives and newcomers to the industry.

Valid part: Article 86: Importance of Workforce Development Programs

8. HR Services: The Podcast for Human Resources

Created by HR Daily Advisor, HR Works provides direct and actionable information for HR professionals looking to transform their organizations. This podcast has over 288 episodes filled with relevant discussions on the HR industry, including improving corporate culture and dealing with burnout.

Why we love it: Reliable hosts and engaging conversations.

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9. HR leaders

On HR Leaders, Chris Rainey talks to HR managers and experts from leading companies about the future of work. This podcast sounds like a radio show where Chris hosts his LinkedIn Live sessions to find out how organizations are changing and moving with today’s workforce.

Why we love it: Unstructured but educational culture; it comes with timed episodes so you can skip to your favorite episode.

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10. Pictures of DriveThruHR

DriveThruHR provides accessible, easy-to-digest content for HR professionals. These shows are 30 minutes long, perfect for listening on a short car ride or during a lunch break. The show’s hosts, Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, TheOneCrystal, and Dwane Lay, have been discussing HR technology and organizational culture since 2010. Topics covered include current trends in nursing, conscious capitalism, and psychological safety in the workplace.

Why we love it: Broad themes and fun action scenes.

Valid part: Stop Wasting Money on Programs That Don’t Work w/Juliana Stancampiano

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Rethinking Employee Benefits

Listening to top HR experts’ podcasts can give you fresh, out-of-the-box ideas for your employee benefits program. One idea to explore is a self-funded insurance policy for flexibility, better benefits, and more savings – all of which help your organization attract and retain top talent.

Our self-funding insurance allows you to build your service package from the ground up to provide better care and lower costs for your business.

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