Travel insurance expert: Trip cancellation, travel disruption ‘necessary’

Travel insurance has become a very important part of planning in the era of The covid-19 epidemic but with many travel restrictions lifted, travel cancellation and travel disruption insurance is more important than ever, especially with the number of flight delays and cancellations we’ve been seeing.

“What has come out of this epidemic … is the popularity of two new insurance policies that have always existed but are unpopular with many, and are now prohibitive and disruptive,” said Martin Firestone, President of the United States. Opinions of the company Travel Secure Inc. he said Yahoo Canada. “That’s because of all the problems that are happening out there with flight delays and cancellations, loss of cargo and things like that.”

“Insurance plays a very important role here, you probably know that you have a policy, you have a rental number and you can borrow money from the insurance company, loss fund… You are allowed up to $900 per person. for important things, and things like that…

How are COVID-19 issues handled through travel insurance?

In the past, travelers had to manage a passenger with COVID-19, or the cost of paying for COVID-19, that’s not the case anymore, insurers treat them as “any unforeseen emergency,” according to Firestone. .

“You have to know that they don’t see the risk that they’ve seen before, … back when we were talking about COVID you were in the emergency room, in the hospital, on the ventilator, and sometimes, in the US. , that could be half a million dollars taken away very quickly, ” he said. “So that’s why he said if you want protection from COVID, you have to buy an additional policy that covers you.”

But there are a few things you should keep in mind about what is legal about COVID-19.

“COVID is a common reason for insurance cancellations, which means you can cancel your trip if you get COVID in the 14 days leading up to it, so that’s a valid reason, I came with COVID and I can’t go,” said Firestone. “However, nothing will be covered in the case of COVID.”

“You won’t be able to make a decision and say, the country I’m going to has another wave and it’s too bad I don’t want to go, not an answer. The country we’re going to, they closed the border, I can’t get there, I’m not covered. Our country, Canada, has issued a Level 3 or 4 advice for COVID, not covered .That’s why it’s so important…

When the traveler departs from their trip, this is no longer subject to the cancellation clause, which is disorganized.

“If you had COVID on the trip, … the disruption would still cover lodging, travel expenses and new flights back home, if you missed the flight,” Firestone said.

What should travelers look for in travel insurance?

Firestone emphasizes that when travelers are looking for travel insurance, it is important for them to understand the specifics of the policy, including obtaining information from business professionals, because unexpected travel issues are very important.

“They have to be knowledgeable, there’s a lot of good literature, there’s a lot of things they have to understand when they buy,” Firestone said. “It’s not as simple as clicking a button now on the Expedias of the world and saying, I’m going to get insurance, … I think you have to understand what you’re getting and what’s covered, and what’s not covered.”

“You just have to wait to take your time and then you’ll get a nice letter from them [the insurer] it shows that this is not covered, so you will be disappointed.”

Firestone also points out that cancellations and disruptions to travel, often in the form of packages, are “essential” to travel planning, exacerbated as we continue to hear the horror stories of travelers missing their flight home.

“You never know if the plane is going to be late, you never know if you’re going to miss it, and the problem with airplanes, as we all know now, is to pay with a joke,” Firestone said. “They’re just arguing that it’s a safety and personnel issue, so it’s not their responsibility, so they shouldn’t have to pay.”

“I stop you… you announce the amount you will be able to give during the request that shows 100 percent, the non-refundable amount you paid, what the user said, if you can’t get here you go. be responsible or we won’t give you any of your money back, that’s the secret… I think the new world is and people, when they travel now, not only to look for emergency services and restrictions and disruptions, but also goods and news.”

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