Trean Insurance Group Announces Exclusive Partnership with Beat Capital

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WAYZATA, Minn. and PORTSMOUTH, NH, July 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trean Insurance Group, Inc. Beat Capital Partners Americas (“Beat”), a long-term insurance investor, is pleased to announce a partnership in the surplus lines insurance market.

Trean, through its subsidiary Benchmark Specialty Insurance Company (“Benchmark Specialty”), will offer E&S products through its exclusive relationship with Beat, giving Trean its first partnership in the major unaccredited insurance market. In addition, newly established Beat-backed organizations will have access to Benchmark Specialty’s AM Best “A” rating sheet, as well as Trean’s reference, writing, and service expertise.

“I am delighted that Trean and Beat will be working together as Beat expands its presence in the US,” said Julie Baron, Trean’s Chief Executive Officer. “Given Beat’s experience in developing and running unique programs and Trean’s long history of supporting high-end MGAs, this partnership creates a strong combination and will help Trean achieve its long-term goals.”

John Cavanagh, Co-Founder of Beat, said, “I have known Trean’s leadership team for many years and I am excited to join them as we accelerate Beat’s expansion in the US. rating paper, provided by a proven company with experienced directors, is another reason why I am happy with Beat’s offerings in the US for business writers.”

The opinion of the company Trean Insurance Group, Inc.

Trean Insurance Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: TIG) provides products and services to the specialty insurance market. Trean underwrites specialty casualty insurance through its program partners and management agencies. Trean also offers affiliate programs a variety of services including freight forwarding, claims management and reinsurance brokerage. For more information, please visit

More about Beat Capital Partners

Beat Capital Partners is a long-term investor focused on the insurance industry, providing qualified individuals and support groups with seed capital, infrastructure, risk capital, and highly leveraged portfolios, including guidance and support. Beat has launched eight businesses since it was founded in 2017, which will register a total of approximately US$ 650 million in 2022, and operates Lloyd’s Syndicate 4242. as its management team, and is committed to being the best partner for commercial insurance talent . For more information, see

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