Waterdrop Insurance Market Opens Its First Branch in Wuhan

BEIJING, Oga. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Waterdrop Inc. (“Waterdrop”, “Company” or “we”) (NYSE: WDH), a leading technology platform dedicated to insurance and healthcare with positive impact on society, recently opened its first retail location Wuhan. It will provide local residents with a variety of unique insurance services, such as customizing insurance, safety assessment, policy consultation, and policy management.

At the end of 2020, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (“CBIRC”) released relevant policies, encouraging insurance professionals to open sales offices in cities, counties, and towns.

Over the past few years, Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace has been looking for a new strategy that combines online and offline presence. In March 2022Waterdrop has launched a nationwide recruitment drive for independent insurance professionals, with the aim of developing digital professionals.

Focusing on our independent agents, Waterdrop has previously implemented unique policies with advanced corporate revenue distribution strategies, thereby increasing the volume of our portfolios and providing clients with professional and tailored services.

In addition, by focusing on local areas, local Waterdrop stores learn more about customer needs, improve customer awareness of insurance products, including sales, insurance application and reimbursement procedures, as well as the meaning of the health declaration, etc. necessary passage, thereby convincing customers in the purchase.

Li JiaWaterdrop’s Vice President of Insurance, said, “ Wuhan the mall is one of the first pilot stations established by Waterdrop; After proving that the sustainable project is working, Waterdrop will expand the model to more cities and regions. “

Shen PengOur founder, Chairman and CEO, said, “Waterdrop will build a team of experienced and well-trained professionals, to provide customers with personalized insurance services through an efficient online and in-depth experience. To improve the stability and expertise of insurance professionals, to raise public awareness of how to use it properly, improve the image of the company, and promote the development of the company.”

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Company opinion Waterdrop Inc. WDH) is a leading technology platform dedicated to insurance and public health services. Founded in 2016, with the full focus of Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace and Waterdrop Medical Crowdfunding, Waterdrop aims to bring insurance and health care to billions through technology. For more information, please visit www.waterdrop-inc.com.

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