What kind of Health Insurance do you need in India – Need for Families & Seniors

Do You Know Exactly Which Guarantees Will Be Right for You in Health Insurance?

Facing the uncertainty of health and life, having adequate health insurance is essential. But how can you estimate the number of health insurance should you? Let’s find out in this post.

In times of uncertainty and pandemics, having health insurance to cover yourself and your family is essential. However, the point is how calculate the amount of insurance you need? Or you think that the amount of support you have is enough for you and your family. What if some unexpected problem arises soon? Is the support you have enough to deal with things like this. Yes! These are all very important questions to consider when shopping for health insurance.

Let’s discuss all these questions in this post to give you an idea of ​​how much health care you should choose.

How much should you pay for health insurance?

Yes, it depends on the person and the health of the insurance and the number of people included in the plan. However, there are two important rules to follow in order to buy the best insurance in India;

  1. You should opt for a health insurance policy equal to 50% of your annual income
  2. You will need to choose the co-pays versus the co-pays for the coronary artery bypass graft at the hospital of your choice

Now, getting back to how much health insurance you should buy, let’s try to figure it out.

How much health insurance should you buy?

It depends on who you are buying the service for. If you are purchasing health insurance for yourself, you should follow the above rule of thumb to purchase insurance equal to half of your annual income. So, if you earn INR 6 lakh per annum, you should invest in a health plan that provides up to INR 3 lakh.

However, in view of the rising cost of health care, the above may not be enough. So, according to insurance experts, having a minimum of INR 5 lakh is a must from the best health insurance company in India so that you can pay the premiums easily.

In this case, purchasing health insurance at a young age allows the insurance to provide greater coverage at a lower cost. This way, you can accumulate more bonus or No claim bonus every year and lower the amount.

What Kind of Health Insurance Do You Need for Your Family?

Now if you are a family, you should buy health care for your family members also. Since medical problems can happen at any time and to anyone, you can’t take any chances. And if something like that happens, you will have to leave all your savings in one hospital. So, to avoid this it is important to choose the best insurance policy in India with minimum 10 lakh insurance policy for your family.

Here, you can go for family floating plans and let all the members share a single sum insured. This way, you can lower the cost significantly because you don’t have to pay for each member’s loan. Because here the sum insured is shared with each insured member under the best health insurance plans in India for floating rates.

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How Much Health Care Should You Buy for Seniors?

Older people like your parents or grandparents are the ones who are most susceptible to illness. Being at risk, they need adequate health care to get medical treatment in a good hospital so that they don’t suffer due to lack of money. Looking at the cost of surgery and other medical procedures, at least INR 2-3 lakh is required if an elder member of the family is hospitalized due to a particular disease. So, depending on the existing diseases and the health of the elderly, you should buy health insurance in India with the best coverage. A minimum of INR 5 – 10 Lakh is required to cover senior citizens well.

Therefore, an all-inclusive health plan with high coverage is very important for the elderly population. However, you should know that as the amount of insurance increases, so does the cost of the premium. In addition, many insurance companies pay higher premiums when providing coverage to senior citizens because the chances of them paying more are higher. So, make sure you check the premium price that is offered on health insurance for the elderly before you buy.

So, now you know how much health insurance you should choose. Let’s discuss the things you need to keep in mind while buying health cover.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for the Right Price of Health Cover

Age of Insurance – This is the first thing that needs to be considered when the person is older, the amount of insurance is required and the amount is increased.

Medical history – If a person has many pre-existing diseases, they can express it more often. So, this is another factor to consider while buying health insurance as this is considered by many health insurance companies in India.

Type of Hospital – What kind of hospital you want to get treatment from is also important to consider when buying a health plan. This is because receiving treatment at private hospitals with a good reputation can be more expensive than at a government-run hospital. So, if you want to be admitted in a private hospital, opt for a higher fee.

Affordability Affordability – Also, you should choose your health care based on your budget and affordability. With a limited amount of money, you can’t afford to pay a lot of money.


As it is now, having adequate protection for your health with high-quality insurance is something that everyone should have. The extent of your health care coverage should serve you well now and in the years to come. So, buy the best health insurance in India by keeping the above points in mind and get the right health insurance for you. Also, check out the best insurance in India and top 5 insurance companies in India before choosing the best plan and insurance for your health cover.

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