When Needed to Submit Is Part of Our Services – Legal Insurance Blog – August 2, 2022

Countrywide Pre-Paid Legal Services prides itself on the support we provide to the staff of our client organizations. Our international lawyers provide assistance in resolving the legal issues that people face, and these legal experts always demonstrate intelligence and compassion. However, we recognize that there are times when a plan member’s needs exceed what we can do for them.

Certain areas of law, such as immigration, adoption or personal injury, require special attention. Lawyers with experience in different legal professions have spent a lot of time learning about their profession. Therefore, they usually pay a lot of money. Global will not hesitate to refer a plan member outside of our network if necessary.

Don’t worry

Going outside our network it does not mean going outside our rules. We expect our referral lawyers to offer discounts to members of our legal plans. A 25% discount on hourly and schedule rates is expected, and those attorneys will offer contingency fee cases a 10% discount from the regular percentage.

We trust these foreign lawyers, but we expect a response. We will ask you about the payment plan in advance to ensure that members receive the reduced amount. There are no hidden fees or expenses. Lawyers who do not meet our expectations will not work with us.

In addition, we want those same lawyers to show the same courtesy and respect that we expect from the lawyers in our network. Members of our group’s legal plans should be prioritized, and we expect that all referrals will be handled properly. We acknowledge that we set high standards and feel that our members are important.

We Provide Best Prepaid Legal Services

Nationwide has served organizations of all sizes for over 30 years. We have an online attorney in each client’s organization, and that person is ready to provide prepaid legal services. We believe we can provide value that every customer can use. We take steps to make this happen.

We negotiate with prospective clients that help with prepayment cases Nationwide. We believe that directors have questions for us and we provide complete answers. After explaining our benefits, we ask candidates to choose the benefits they want to receive across the country.

We understand that this organization will not choose all of our services. That’s good for us. However, we think it is important that only the services that employees need should be included in the legal plan.

Once those decisions are made, we will include those benefits in a final document. In addition, Countrywide will provide management and member services. Finally, we make it a point to communicate openly with our customers.

We Take a Comprehensive Approach

The whole world wants to provide a comprehensive benefit, and this means providing delivery if it needs special information. Our services, such as simple will drafting and consumer protection services, are services that many people need. Not all group plans offer our services

We also have secondary benefits to offer. Plan members can contact a national attorney with as many questions as needed about a given matter without being prosecuted. We also allow attorneys to write letters and make phone calls on behalf of a plan member. Reminders have been issued to people who have written to us in a simple document. Everything is done to make using our services as easy and comfortable as possible.

Would you like to know more about what we have to offer? If so, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We welcome every opportunity to discuss the benefits of our group’s legal system with you.