Co-founder Pankaj Risbood was appointed CEO to lead the next phase of growth

Co-founder Jonathan Matus becomes Zendrive Chairman and CEO of Fairmatic

Image of SAN FRANCISCO, Oga. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zendrive , head of insurance companies at Mobility Risk Intelligence, today announced the launch of a new commercial insurance company, Fairmatic, which is using the company’s data to rewrite the commercial insurance business model. With Zendrive bucking industry trends with five new software additions recently added to its network, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Pankaj Risbood has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to oversee the next phase of the company’s growth as it looks for other opportunities for corporate development, and is Co-founder and CEO. Jonathan Matus to become Chairman of the Board and founding CEO of Fairmatic.

Since its launch, Zendrive’s leading Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform has analyzed over 200 billion pieces of data collected from millions of users worldwide. It has also recognized hundreds of thousands of real-world events, making it the world’s most accurate and robust mobile messaging app with the greatest potential to save lives on the road.

Risbood has been taking on a number of corporate roles since the beginning of this year, now taking on the role of CEO. Under his leadership, the company has expanded 50M users of its network in the US only. His background in managing engineering and development at Walmart and Google positions him well to take Zendrive through its next phase of growth.

“I am excited to take on the role of CEO to help the company grow successfully by providing life insurance solutions to customers,” said Pankaj Risbood, co-founder and CEO. “Our vision remains to make insurance smarter and smarter through our partners while making the roads safer for consumers. We will be announcing new corporate developments and partnerships in the coming months.”

“With Zendrive’s success in transforming insurance data and analytics, I am now focused on transforming one big area, commercial insurance,” he said. Jonathan Matus, co-founder, and Chairman of the Board. “I am leaving Zendrive in the very talented hands of Pankaj and I look forward to the continued growth and success of Zendrive and Fairmatic.”

Zendrive is powered by the world’s largest and fastest growing cloud computing team, with over 200 billion volumes of analyzed data to date, and more to drive.

Industry-leading AI and machine learning trends. The company’s AI platform enables solutions for smartphone driving systems that can generate 10x more risk-aware models than conventional ones and inform users of their driving behavior and provide feedback via smartphone apps.

“Zendrive continues to advance its innovative platform to create new businesses while staying at the core of its mission to make driving better for all of us,” he added. Brian No, Partner at ACME Capital and Zendrive board member. “Given the growing nature of Zendrive’s insurance business, we felt it was the right time to launch Fairmatic to bring value to both companies.”

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Zendrive’s mission is to make roads safer through data and analytics. Its award-winning Mobility Risk Intelligence (MRI) platform – powered by 200 billion pieces of data collected from 100s of millions of drivers around the world – helps insurers understand and mitigate the risks of mobility, reducing the chance of a crash by 49%. The platform also helps insurers find and find their preferred drivers through Zendrive’s extensive network of publishers and access to millions of users. With a proven track record, participating consumer programs offer cash to their customers and a variety of ways to earn money. The company has been recognized as one of the Company opinion Fast Company Most Successful Companies and won in 2017 A Great Start San Francisco prize.

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